Products for Other Inflatables

Most of the BixFish products originally developed for Scout Inflatables can work directly, or be adapted, to other inflatable boats such as Bris, Kaboat, and others. If you have any questions about this please contact me and we can discuss.

The BixFish Tracks work well on Bris inflatable kayaks and other boats where the standard seat planks are on top of the pontoons. Boats with the seat plank going into a socket on the pontoon can use the tracks, but they would be mounted further inboard than on boats with the pontoon on top.

All BixFish track accessories of course work no matter where BixFish track is installed.

The BixFish Bait Tanks will work on any boat where the tank can be placed so that the tank water levle is at or above the pontoon (or gunwale) top. The transom bait pump can be adapted to transoms up to 16″ high.

The transom transducer brackets can work with any transom up to 16″ high as well.

About the only products that will not translate well to other boats are those on the “Other Products for Scout Boats” page – these fit specific features on the Scout, such as the Scout Stabilizer Bar.