Other Products for Scout Boats

Stabilizer Bar Rod Holders    Stabilizer Bar GoPro Mount      Seat Riser       Oar Extension Adapters     License Plates

This section contains products designed specifically for the Scout 365 and Scout 430 boats. There are rod holders and a GoPro mount for the stabilizer bar. The Seat Riser is used to raise a swivel seat 1″, to clear BixFish tracks. An Oar Adapter that works with Scout Oar Extensions properly repositions the oar lower on the pontoon, necessary for the Horizontal Rod Rack. Lastly, there is a set of License Plates.






Stabilizer Bar Single Rod Holder, Plain Tube



Stabilizer Bar Single Rod Holder, Slotted Tube



Stabilizer Bar Dual Rod Holder, Plain Tubes



Stabilizer Bar Dual Rod Holder, Slotted Tubes



Stabilizer Bar Double Vertical Rod Holder, Plain Tubes



Stabilizer Bar Double Vertical Rod Holder, Slotted Tubes



Stabilizer Bar GoPro Mount



Seat Riser, with Hardware



Oar Extension Adapters, Scout 365 boat



Oar Extension Adapters, Scout 430 boat



License Plates


Stabilizer Bar Rod Holders

The Single and Dual Stabilizer Bar Rod Holders provide inexpensive and convenient storage for rods, a net, even a gaff. They are easy to attach, and can remain permanently on the stabilizer bar, reducing setup/takedown time. While they can be used for trolling with  light tackle and a light drag setting, the stabilizer bar itself is not the best anchor for a trolling rod. For heavier duty trolling, use a rod holder from YakAttack or Scotty on a BixFish track, or rod holders affixed to the transom.

Note that the single and double stabilizer bar rod holders place the rod parallel to the stabilizer bar at the point of attachment, typically leaning back, and angled inward. As a result, long rods such as fly rods can cross at the tip end.

The Double Vertical Stabilizer Bar Rod Holder positions rods more vertically. They still lean back at the stabilizer bar angle, but the rods are parallel, not angled towards each other. This is a better configuration for long rods and for light-duty trolling. They are a bit more difficult to install the first time (see installation videos below), and can be left permanently on the stabilizer bar.

For rod tubes in these holders, you have the choice of a plain or slotted tube. The slotted tube is required for fly rods, and is more convenient for other types of rods.

Single Rod Holders
Single Rod Holders
Single Kit
Single Rod Holder Kit
Double Rod Holder
Double Rod Holder
Double Rod Holders
Double Rod Holder Kit
Double Vertical Rod Holders
Double Vertical Rod Holders
Double Vertical Rod Holder Kit

Stabilizer Bar GoPro Mount

The Stabilizer Bar GoPro Mount consists of a clamp, two different lengths of camera tube with ball-end fittings, and one dual-ball GoPro swivel. The camera tube is easily removed from the stabilizer bar clamp, to allow selfie or underwater shots. When on the clamp the tube can be raised/lowered and swung, to put the camera in any position desired. I use this with a USB Power Pack to power the GoPro all day, so it can respond to voice commands: “GoPro start recording!” (but be aware the GoPro is not waterproof when the USB door is open on the GoPro).

The clamp can be attached to any horizontal or vertical section of the stabilizer bar. The camera tubes and double-ball swivel are the same as used in the BixFish Track GoPro Adapter accessory.

Stabilizer Bar GoPro Mount
Clamp, to Stabilizer Bar
GoPro Mount Kit

Seat Riser

The Seat Riser is used with an Attwood 11602D1  6-1/4″ Quick Seat Disconnect, to raise a swivel seat one inch. It’s required if installing a BixFish track, and you have the seat offset from center towards the track. In this case, without the riser, the seat can hit the track or the track bolt. This riser might not be necessary for some seats, but for the typical low-back swivel seat, it is. The companion swivel plate is Attwood 17720 6-1/4″ Seat Swivel.

The Seat Riser is supplied with a mounting hardware kit, with 4 3″ stainless steel 1/4-20 flat head screws, 4 stainless steel fender washers, and 4 stainless steel locking nuts. A 7/16″ wrench and a #2 or #3 phillips screwdriver.

Seat Riser, under Attwood Quick Disconnect
Seat Riser (CAD Image)
Riser with Hardware Kit

Oar Extension Adapter

When using the Oarlock Extensions on a Scout, the oar is raised at the stern to where the paddle is higher than the pontoon, an annoying position. These adapters quickly clip onto the oars, to lower them to a position parallel to the water. This is nice to do, and becomes essential if you have the BixFish horizontal rod rack system.

Watch the video for a demonstration and info on how to install.


Play Video
Oar Extension Adapter
Scout Oarlock Extensions and BixFish Oar Extension Adapter are essential for BixFish Horizontal Rod Rack
Oar Extension Adapter lowers the stowed oar postion

License Plates

Custom license plate holders for your Scout, made from 1/8″ white HDPE of acrylic sheets. Four aluminum carabiners are included to make it quick and easy to attach and remove from your boat. Also included is a bungee cord with hooks to connect the fronts of the plates with a cord under the bow, to prevent the plates from flipping up in the wind, a common problem with Scout license plates. One set contains two license plates, 4 aluminum carabiners, and a bungee cord with clips. The registration numbers are not included.

License Plates Set: 2 plates, 4 carabiners, 1 bungee cord

The plate is 25” x 4-3/4”, and will accommodate the 3” registration number height required by most states, including California. In California, the year sticker and mussel sticker require a total of 6” of the width, leaving 19” for the registration numbers.  I purchased these registration numbers on ebay and found them very easy to apply.

Note: use of these plates does not meet USCG regulations, which require that registration numbers and stickers be permanently applied to a boat.

License Plates Set: 2 plates, 4 carabiners, 1 bungee cord
Bungee under the bow keeps plates from flipping up in the wind
Room for 3" high registration number and two stickers